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   *  Quality  *  Quality  *  Quality  *  Quality  * 
... Quality is like buying oats.  If you want nice clean fresh oats you must  pay a fair price.  However, if you can be satisfied with the oats that have already been through the horse ... Those come a little cheaper!

    Building saddles is an art and science and we strive to provide you with a quality course of instruction that will train you in each and every step of the saddle making process, from fitting the horse and rider, to ordering trees, proper tool use, pattern making, layout, materials selection, versatility of design, tooling, stitching, lacing, finish work and assembly.

    Because you as a student will represent me and my school, I insist on quality.  By furnishing you with quality supplies and instruction, I will save you much disappointment, frustrating mistakes and precious dollars wasted on lost time and costly materials.

    We offer (2) courses from which to choose.  Both courses are hands-on instruction and run 5 days a week (Monday thru Friday).

    Our courses are as comprehensive as you will find, with every effort being made to introduce the student to as many aspects of the saddle making craft as possible.



                          ... 1880's style                   ... SF Bowman style             ... Modern Association

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